We are committed to environmentally sensitive design through adaptation and innovation, simplicity and longevity, practiced within a framework of strong visual aesthetics. Working with a wide range of clients and projects, the firm has at its core the fundamental belief that landscapes have a profound impact on the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people. The development of landscapes should be intentional, meaningful and result in spaces treasured by the communities that surround them.

At the root of our understanding is that places are naturally endowed with complex layers of history, culture, infrastructure, economics, and ecology.  The most successful landscapes are those shaped with an understanding of these elements. Our philosophy engenders the notion that good projects come from clear and meaningful communication with our clients, a strong sense of service to our community, and playful enthusiasm for the creation of new and interesting places.

Jonathan Beaver


Rayna Syed

Landscape Designer

Jamuna Golden

Senior Associate

Julia Warden


Wyatt Pless

Landscape Designer

Michelle Kiang

Office Manager/Marketing Director